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I will be deleting all my “SuperPsyguy” accounts. Including my twitter and YouTube. I’m going to sign my partner accounts over to the co-owners. I am deeply and truly sorry for how many people I’ve hurt. I don’t think I deserve to keep these accounts. Me coming back does nothing but cause anguish for people and I can’t, in good conscience, ignore that. I’m seeking professional help and I’m trying to become a better person. The first step is owning up to that and being responsible. And, the responsible thing to is to leave the internet. I appreciate all the initial support. I really do. But I can’t ignore how many people I’ve hurt and how many people I continue to hurt by being here. I’m not being bullied off the internet. Nobody’s telling me to leave. This is a choice I’ve made to try and give people some sort of solace. I can’t apologize enough for my senseless actions and I’m doing everything I can to make the steps to becoming a better person.

Dont come back

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Okay, can we just talk about Ruffnut Thorston (Brilliantly voiced by Kristen Wiig) from How To Train Your Dragon 2

Every scene she showed up in had me in stitches. Talk about a scene-stealer. THE Best character, animation & comedy in this entire film for me. More please! :-)

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Now I don’t have any guilt about sending that DMCA form in to take the picture down : )

But now there’s this Cheezeburger problem


How much more of a tool do you have to be to reply to someone like this?

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My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

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Get ready for smooches.

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I can not fathom to you how annoyingly frustrated I am by Sam Peppers actions; when you dig yourself a hole and find you’re to blame, the mature thing to do is accept and own up to your actions.

Not only has this boy lied further into protecting his image and his self, he has made the situation worse by opening his mouth; he has now threatened some one who has had the courage to show the truth.

We have had numerous amounts of evidence where people have shun the light onto Sam Pepper’s true self and I find it very difficult to believe that he will find a way out of this situation.

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Anonymous: Who is psy even apologising to? No names or people are mentioned except those who "have wronged him". Also, the "there is no legal evidence to prove that" excuse should count as a confession in general. Keep on fighting!




No, you’re absolutely right. Psy ISN’T apologizing. And for all of the twists and turns in his lie-riddled story, his biggest lie is his most telling truth. Saying that he isn’t a pedophile SIMPLY because no legal records state that he is means that….YEAH. He’s preyed on minors. He just hasn’t been taken to court for it yet!

Still a pedophile at worst, an Ephebophile at least (many of the girls were 15-17)

Yeah, he’s not sorry in the least. He still doesn’t believe he’s done anything wrong. All he’s trying to do is make excuses and put the blame on anyone and anything but himself. He’s always done this, and he will continue to do it. 

I also find it funny how he’s always thought so poorly of anyone with a mental illness, and yet is so quick to talk about how “”“”“”depressed”“”“”” he is if it means that someone will feel sorry for him.

The guy is a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Hell with him.

My wife came up with a very relevant quip regarding Psy. Because of how badly Psy treated Jess, Shannon, Filthy,and the many other girls he abused who suffered from depression or other mental, social, emotional troubles, I feel it rather fitting to offer this gem up.

"Wait, how can Psy be depressed? Where are the legal medical records?”

I got a sassy mouth on me, i do.

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Karl Pilkington at the top of an active volcano in the South Pacific

Karl Pilkington is a man that sits on the rim between Genius and Moron, and instead of falling to either side, he just sort of rocks back and forth like a druken cat.

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Just in case any of you haven’t seen this yet, Its a bunch of deleted scenes of how Bill and Dipper met and so on. If you have already watched the dreamscaperers episode then i fully recommend that you watch this as well!

Aahaha I love that he does the sound effects this is amazing wowowow

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Process for my Steven Universe illustration, from thumbnail to final!

I promise this is my last overexcited spam post about this particular thing :B

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the things i find on the internet 

unmute it

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rezpiral replied to your post:Sighs deeply
It might take some time, but they’ll still call! I know on my first game art job I thought I wasn’t going to hear back, but it turned out they were just going through everyone’s results before calling so it might be the same for you. o: Best of luck!

But they told me explicitly tonight though…

Yo izu, remember, when i got my first reply from DHX, i waited a few months before they called me with the job offer. It could be that someone had to reschedual their interview and the place wants to give everyone a fair chance.
Just relax in the meanwhile :)

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