OMG whats going on?!

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MSPARP Adventures as Andrew Hussie - Part 1

Yes you are amazing. 

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As celebration of reaching 666 followers, I’m giving away a large amount of fandom swag! The items I’m giving away are as follows:


I’m able to ship anywhere in the world, at no cost to you! All I will need is the address to ship to.

This pseudo giveaway will end on September 31st, at which point I will choose a winner via random number generator. The false winner will then receive a message in their ask box saying they won! If they don’t respond within 24 hours, a new fool will be chosen to receive the congratulations.

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I love this little cutie!

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Diamonds Droog WIP

Yes, good

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Wow!! Thank you guys so much for over 10k followers! I know a ton of you followed after Andrew linked to me, so, hi!! I have never done a giveaway before but I thought it would be fun to do something special!

So! What does the winner of this giveaway get? You will receive a free drawing of yourself (or your fantroll, or your favorite character, or whatever you want) as a god tier or trickster in Calliope’s art style! COOL, HUH? I am going to use my position as “UU ghost artist” to do something fun for fandom, ehheeh. 

ANYWAYS, here are the rules!

-you don’t have to be following me to enter but go ahead and follow me if you want, i’m awesome. 

-one like and reblog per person! that means a max of two entries! i really dont need this clogging up dashboards. 

- have your askbox open so that i can contact you if you win!

- i will be choosing a winner via a random number generator on July 3rd, 2012

good luck everyone, and thanks for following! i am floored by the amount of positive response i’ve gotten for my art. you all rock!

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Just a little something I whipped up. I love these two <3

Enjoy : )

I kinda want to submit this to the album contest hahaha

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I started doing homework, then I homestucked.

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So, I got my God Teir Hoodied today

All the Herps in the world.

Happy Halloween to me.

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I know it’s just a sketch,but it’s so well done…

Here is the complete version:


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thief of lips

a fitting title

kiss me

Bard of Breath is cute

I like bard of breath

It’s all


bard of silence

i would

Kerez god stop contradicting my roles!!!!!

Prince of Piss

The fuck is wrong with me.

Witch of Time. Paradox fuckery anyone?

Nick of Space
what the heck is a 'Nick' can someone explain this to me? haha 

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Let’s try this again.

this is so beautiful

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scienceyounerd: for full size

^Reference used

sup nerds heres somethign for you

(also wait doesnt karkats blood go off the spectrum)

This is pretty cool!

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Decided to upload some old art. This one is my favourite pieces that I’ve ever done. 


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